Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQs)
What is CoinChests?
CoinChests is a free online game for desktop, tablet and mobile.
Players can build a ship, sail the sea, find treasure and fight rival pirates. Players can progress through the game faster by buying items in our store.
How can I make money?
If you refer a friend that buys something, you will earn a 20% affiliate commission. If your friend refers someone else that buys, you will earn a 10% commission.
Together with generating affiliate commissions (Sales), you can also earn money by playing our game.
How do I refer friends?
Simply log in and visit the Friends page. There you will see a link to CoinChests. Share that link with people online to refer new members to CoinChests.
What's the minimum cashout?
You can cashout with just $5 in Sales, which you can reach with just one affiliate commission. Our top commission is $60.00 USD.
There are also Cashout Tokens hidden around the game. If you find a token, you can cashout without any affiliate Sales.
How can I get paid?
CoinChests payments are sent via PayPal (USD) and Coinbase (BTC).
How much does it cost?
CoinChests is entirely free to play, earn and cashout. You can make an unlimited amount without ever having to buy anything.
Still have questions?
Please contact Support.
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